TBNA First Aid Sub-center unveiled for unified scheduling of emergency sites

稿源:津滨网   编辑:严玉霞   2019-07-09 16:04

Recently, the Binhai New Area First Aid Sub-center was officially unveiled. According to the relevant person in charge of the preparatory group of the First Aid Sub-center of Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), in accordance with the unified requirements of Tianjin, TBNA will fully promote the construction of the pre-hospital medical emergency system, focusing on the promotion of the 10-second answer rate for emergency telephones and shortening the average emergency response time. It will formulate construction plans, enrich the first aid team, equip emergency vehicles, improve site construction, and implement funding guarantees to ensure that every 40,000 people are equipped with one ambulance and one emergency station for every 80,000 people. At present, there are 17 emergency sites in Binhai New Area, and 19 emergency vehicles are operated daily. The pre-hospital medical emergency medical personnel are temporarily assigned by various medical institutions. The second batch of ambulances and on-board equipment are expected to be delivered for acceptance in the near future.

"In 2019, on the basis of the original 11 sites, 13 new standardized first-aid sites will be built to realize the operation of 24 standardized first-aid sites; 30 ambulances and on-board emergency equipment will be purchased, and corresponding professional technicians and daily ambulances will be equipped. Up to 36 vehicles will be completed; in 2020, the construction of first-aid sub-centers will be further improved. On the basis of 24 stations, 12 standardized first-aid stations will be built, and 10 ambulances and on-board emergency equipment will be purchased. The total number of emergency vehicles is 59, “the person in charge said.

With four emergency sites in Tianjin No.5 Central Hospital, TEDA Hospital, Port Hospital and Yongjiu Hospital included into the district-level command and dispatch network, the district first-aid sub-center has now achieved unified scheduling of the first-aid sites in TBNA.

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