TBNA established a New Generation of AI Industry Alliance

稿源:津滨网   编辑:严玉霞   2019-07-09 15:53

A few days ago, the Implementation Plan for the Classification of Domestic Waste in Binhai New Area in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) was officially introduced. According to the Plan, at the end of 2019, the awareness rate of domestic garbage classification in Binhai New Area will be no less than 80%. The coverage rate of public wastes at all levels in the district will reach 100%, and the coverage rate of residential community waste will reach over 70%. The utilization rate of domestic garbage in the whole Binhai New Area will reach more than 20%.

The Plan pointed out that on the basis of continuing to consolidate and promote the construction of 30 garbage classification demonstration communities, each development zone and sub-district office will complete the construction of 30 fine waste classified communities. These communities are located in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA Street), Tanggu Street, Xincun Street, Xingang Street, Datun Street, Hangzhou Dao Street, Xinbei Street, Xinhe Street, Bestown Street, Hujiayuan Street, Hangu Street, Chadian Street, Zhaishang Street, Dagang Street, Gulin Street and Haibin Street.

“In 2018, 23 communities in Binhai New Area carried out waste sorting work through the market-based model. This year's 30 boutique waste sorting communities will be determined by each development zone and sub-district office according to the standards.” The relevant person in charge of the district city management committee introduced that the boutique waste classification community will give full play to the demonstration leading role, set the standard garbage classification container and classification mark, establish the operation basic account, and set up a garbage classification supervisor for every 300 households.

The Plan clearly clarifies that in conjunction with the project of Tianjin’s 100 Village Demonstration and 1000 Villages Renovation as well as the Tianjin Municipality's three-year action plan for pollution prevention and control, each town will build two garbage classification demonstration villages, and 10 garbage classification demonstration villages will be completed in the whole district, so as to lay a solid foundation for the realization of the basic full coverage of domestic waste classification in 2020. For public institutions and related enterprises, this year Binhai New Area will complete the construction of five categories of schools, five related enterprises, and four district-level party and government organs while the mandatory coverage rate of more than 1,200 state organs, institutions and organizations in the area and more than 6,800 related enterprises will reach 100%.

The Plan also clarifies that Binhai New Area will increase the construction of facilities, such as further provision of kitchen waste, hazardous waste sorting and transportation vehicles, etc., and gradually establish a management system for the recycling of renewable resources, and the classification of domestic waste will be included into the national economic and social development planning.

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